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The god Aroden has died, or so THEY say. What of Humanity's Rise?  Aroden was to Herald that with his prophesied return.

But now, Someone, or Something, has interfered with the prophecy, and Aroden has been lost to the world…  Placing all in danger.

Or has he?  What if FINDING Aroden brings about the prophecy?  Perhaps that is it?  Perhaps the prophecy can still be fulfilled…

What groups do you trust?  Who has interfered with Humanity's Rise?  Which of the other races can be trusted?  Which of the Human Tribes can be trusted and which have traded their Race's Birthright for PERSONAL power, promised by some Diabolic, Demonic or Divine Agent?

All these questions, and more must be answered, if the riddle of Aroden's Tears is to be unraveled so that Humanity can right the Balance of the World and forestall the next great Cataclysm…

Home Page

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